Rocky Mountain Curling Supplies World-Class Products

How We Got Started:  I started curling when I was 12 in a small town in eastern Ontario; Maxville, at the Glenngary Curling Club.   My father became the curling supplies guy for the club soon after that, so I always remember having shoes, brooms, toe kits and curling pants around the house as I grew up and I always had good curling equipment to play.   Lets jump forward about 20 years, I was living in Billings Mt and was only curling a few times a year in bonspiels up in Calgary or back at home in Ontario.  So I decided to start the Billings Curling Club to get some more time on the ice.   As we got going I realized we needed supplies, my dad was still a Goldline rep so I contacted Goldline and became a rep.  This allowed me to get good equipment for my new curlers and also put some money back into the club, as well as started my journey as a curling supplies rep. 
A couple years later my wife and I made the move to Denver CO. where they were just about to finish their brand new club and did not have a curling supplies rep yet.  Actually this whole region was lacking so Rocky Mountain Curling Supplies was created and has been growing ever since.   Now we supply to all over the USA and carry all the top brands, Goldline, ASHAM, Balance Plus, Hardline and we will be adding more soon.    A big thanks to the Denver Curling Club for allowing me to grow my business as well as provide their members with the best equipment around. 
So I hope you enjoy your shopping experience.  Ask us any curling question you would like.  We are more than happy to talk curling and curling supplies. 
Darryl Sobering